Who are We ? All about Nature Babies :)

Its hard to write about yourself, but basically Nature Babies is a cloth nappy company and we have been trading for 20 years ! (as from May 2021!).

I am Isobel lwriting this and I am the founder of the business and I guess all these years later apart from one retired part tiime lady I sometimes have working with me, there is now just me.

So how did it all start?  Well basically my first daughter was born in 1990..yes last Century !.. haha and my Mother bought me a load of terry nappies with the advice, that they were much kinder and nicer than disposables and ultimately saving a ton of money and waste !  I used these fine with old fashioned plastic pants and pins...and then 10 years later I had another baby.  But by now it was virtually impossible to buy any terry nappies at all locally and I then launched into a mission to convert people to cloth nappies.

I started a cloth nappy laundry business using an industrial washing machine in the outbuilding....and thats how I started making nappy covers, since it was very expensive again then to use them in the laundry..

I think the most customers I had in the laundry service wa s about 10, but in 2003 I won a £49000.00 contract to supply nappies to Essex County council.  I ahd to purchase in a load of prefolds from Estonia for that contract but we made all the wraps ourselves.  This forced me into a premises as before that I was working from home and also had to launch into staff.  

So from 2003 to 2010 we were quite a large busiiness with myself and two regular staff.  But from then on things have changed quite dramatically.  Back in the early days when I first started there were no cheap imports from China and these have affected the market pla

Now I have a small unit in Loughborough in Leicestershire and make all my nappies myself, from scratch sometimes with help from Theresa who has been with me since 2006!

Our Products

Well the first thing we ever made or intended to make as such was nappy covers, but since then we have delved into all sorts of rabbit holes and had enormous fun doing so.  The items in the Essex Council contract which I suppose are still our most iconic items and popular are the Diddy Diapers.  

These were in the new special newborn kits and also Stuffables, which are a pocket nappy which we have yet to add to the site.

Thaks for reading and hopefully you have not been too bored if you've read to end !! haha...Happy Cloth Nappying folks ! :) :)