Welcome to our New Website !!

Yeay, welcome to our new website and we can't believe we've actually managed to work out how to do it !! haha...Our old website was originally created on that platform in about 2008 so thats only about 13 years ago and it was so long winded and lumpy to deal with.  I am so pleased that I can now add products and delete products with ease and write about it all on here for you folks to read.  Firstly just want to say that cloth nappies should be EASY and fun for you and your babies and cost saving in the main.  We strongly recommend a 2 part system of plain terries or prefold or any type of flat nappy  or fitted nappy for easy washing, cost and drying together with a good wrap over the top.  Always remember that absorbancy is the key to any system working also and so you need to boost well. Keep on folks...its better for you and the planet and baby :) :) :)