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Super Boosters

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Originally designed for our Bamboo Lined Big Softie launched in 2019 (Its a Big Softie Jim, but not as we know it), this little booster has shocked even us un shockable nappy folks at Nature Babies with its absorbability...! Made from two  outer layers of soft brushed  100% cotton and very generously sized  (40 x 15 cms) (though it will shrink a bit on first washing) with a hidden absorbent layer on the inside, this Super Booster does what it says on the tin.  You will need a few of these to bump up your nappies if going out for a few extra hours or very helpful overnight.  These are absorbant enough  and soft enough on the outside to be used from birth on a newborn as a nappy in their own right, (with a newborn wrap). We like these :)