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Starter Sets/Bundles

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Bamboo Flat 2 pack and boostersWe have been lucky enough to come across the most adorable soft and stretchy bamboo fabric for these hugely usable bamboo flat nappies.  After washing, each bamboo flat will be approx 65 x 65 cm being large enough to cope with bedtime wrapping on large toddlers or pad folded and as each flat is non bulky yet highly absorbent also ideal and non bulky on newborns.  Our pack consists of 2 large  single layer flat nappies and 2  two layer boosters. On larger babies overnight use both flats together and both boosters.  Fabric  of the flat is 100% bamboo and bound in 100% cotton.
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Bamboo Stretchy FlatJersey 100% Bamboo fabric flats are now available from Nature Babies !  Bound in supersoft 100% cotton jersey binding, these flats are proving a big win with all our testers.  The finished measurement of the flat after washing will be a little over 60 cms as they change shape from oblong to square after the first wash.  One of our most recent testers wrote "Hi Isobel thank you so much for sending the bamboo flat last week.  I washed it a couple of times and then used it yesterday with a booster, I love it !" This may be nippad with caution, but we would probably advise  pins or pad folding to avoid snagging the fabric.  A big thank you to everyone who has helped us develop this item ...Made of course by us here in Loughborough, Leicestershire from scratch ;) 
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Newborn Nappy Starter PackNature Babies newborn starter packs are a great introduction to reusable nappies. Each pack contains the basics to get you started using a two part nappy system . Each pack includes:

1 x Classic Wrap (Available in Orange, Purple, Green or Yellow)

Classic wraps were our first ever design and still are our most popular item!

  • Designed to "wrap" over a nappy, suitable for all Nature Babies nappies.
  • Velcro or popper fastening
  • Superior quality fabric that is long-lasting, waterproof and yet breathable.
  • They are well elasticated at the waist and legs for a snug, but comfy fit.
  • The leg gussetting provides extra containment.
  • Polyester fabric, laminated with Polyurethane on the inside
  • Wash at 30 to 60C
  • Tumble dryable
  • The size small wraps provided in our starter packs have extra cross over tabs to cater for supersmall babies from birth and yet will fit up to about 15lbs.

3 x Diddy Diapers

Diddy Diapers have been manufactured by us since 2001.  They have a supersoft jersey inner (tee shirt fabric) lining and good containment provided by elasticated legs to contain everything it needs to :) Please don't just take our word for it, but click here to read happy reviews from mums who have found their Diddys to be as lovely as they look....

  • Made with a cotton terry outer, 2 absorbent hidden layers inside and super soft cotton jersey next to baby's skin.
  • It is elasticated at the waist and thigh and fastens with either Velcro or neatly with Nappi Nippasto give good containment and a trim fit.
  • On the Nippa version, the height can be reduced by folding the front over outwards to make a smaller nappy for premature/small babies.
  • Wash at up to 60șC. Suitable for tumble drying.

3x 40cm Terry Towelling Squares

Terry nappies can be a bit huge on a newborn baby and heres where the 40cms score well for newborns...they can be pad folded but splayed out at the back to provide containment like  fan...they are never wasted as baby gets older as they can be folded and kept for boosters in larger nappies.  Quick drying, these are ideal as they are great for newborns and you can have plenty of them as they are reasonably priced.  Since newborn babies can be fed and changed six times per day or more you need to have a good amount to grab and go....

 Our terries are also bound round the edges with supersoft cotton.

·Wash at 40ș, 60șC or 95șC, and tumble dryable on hot.

1 x Vest Extender

These popper on to the bottom of baby vests and extend the length under the crotch approximately 3 inches (10cm). The value of these is that modern vests are designed to go over disposable nappies in the main and these help to avoid any tightness that could be caused by bulkier nappies.

(Please note these do not fit Green Baby vests).