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Really Pants Review of the Bamboo Loveable

We've received yet another positive review of our Loveable nappy, courtesy of Really Pants ( Read it below!

Review of the Nature Babies Lovable fitted nappy. The Lovable is made from 2 layers of soft bamboo terry, with an opening to form a pouch at the back. It comes with a 2-layer bamboo booster which can either be lain inside the nappy, or stuffed into the pouch. Read Cathís review of the LovableÖ.

bamboo_lovable1-1Once again, a product that lives up to its title.

Ease of use: 5/5   



Absorbancy: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Fit: 5/5

MP and I had only really tried Bum genius and Minkies pocket nappies and AIO birth to potty so a fitted nappy was a new invention for me!

It was so easy to use as it has long strips of applix on each part of the fold over that make it easier for fitting. And so far they also havenít attracted undesirable additions in the wash cycle so impressed with that.

Fully aware that perhaps one of the most important things about nappies being whether or not they leak, I had thought that would be the job of the wrap and the nappy itself was irrelevant.

I now realise that was wrong.

It felt lovely and soft and has continued to be with the washes. It is a natural colour but it looks like you could give it a cuddle. Obviously it isnít really seen but it still looks nice on baby. It is quite a narrow fitting which was great after being used to a bit more bulk on the bottom. She seemed perfectly comfortable in it, no rubbing around her lovely chubby legs and again, with it not being too bulky it has fitted beautifully under clothes.

It also has a pocket for stuffing and when it comes to absorbancy, that is great. We found that combined with a great wrap, we never have a leak even when left a bit longer than I would normally leave a nappy. And when we have removed the wrap, the outside of the nappy has not been soaking as I have found with some other fitted. Definately a good part for MP who has always been a heavy wetter.

I would fully reccommend them in combination with the essential wrap,  a definate must for the stash. Again, I will be investing in some more.

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