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Pocket Lovable

The Lovable is nappy which requires a wrap and essentially a fleece lined Micro Diddy Diaper with a gap for stuffing at the back. The fleece is patterned anti pil fleece available in either blue pattern or pink pattern and comes in 2 sizes as does the Diddy Diaper.
So what are the advantages? A great choice, if you don't have a tumble dryer and if you have limited dry room. Again as above, slim fitting and easy to use - these nappies can be stuffed with anything you choose to use, from your Mother's terries she's been storing in her loft to micro inserts - these nappies come apart for ease of laundering and fleece keeps babies skin super dry - if however you prefer cotton next to babies' skin, choose a Diddy Micro or Diddy Original.

The Pocket Lovable is available WITHOUT fastenings. Fasten with a Nappy Nippa or safety pins.