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Night Time Essentials

Get through the night with Nature Babies Essential Night Time nappies and wraps.
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Bamboo Flat 2 pack and boostersWe have been lucky enough to come across the most adorable soft and stretchy bamboo fabric for these hugely usable bamboo flat nappies.  After washing, each bamboo flat will be approx 65 x 65 cm being large enough to cope with bedtime wrapping on large toddlers or pad folded and as each flat is non bulky yet highly absorbent also ideal and non bulky on newborns.  Our pack consists of 2 large  single layer flat nappies and 2  two layer boosters. On larger babies overnight use both flats together and both boosters.  Fabric  of the flat is 100% bamboo and bound in 100% cotton.
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Bamboo Stretchy FlatJersey 100% Bamboo fabric flats are now available from Nature Babies !  Bound in supersoft 100% cotton jersey binding, these flats are proving a big win with all our testers.  The finished measurement of the flat after washing will be a little over 60 cms as they change shape from oblong to square after the first wash.  One of our most recent testers wrote "Hi Isobel thank you so much for sending the bamboo flat last week.  I washed it a couple of times and then used it yesterday with a booster, I love it !" This may be nippad with caution, but we would probably advise  pins or pad folding to avoid snagging the fabric.  A big thank you to everyone who has helped us develop this item ...Made of course by us here in Loughborough, Leicestershire from scratch ;) 
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Fleece Multi-WrapHere is our fleece wrap which is designed for overnight use.  We have been making fleece wraps for many years and these now follow the same winning design as our ordinary multiwraps made from PUL.  These fleece multiwraps have PUL gussetts to ensure dryness and tend to come up larger than the PUL multiwraps...hence even more desirable for overnight use.  

Colour: Royal  Blue - even though the picture is purple ! :)
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Jersey Bamboo Stay Dry Lined Super BoosterNew for 2020 is a new Super Booster made from 4 layers of super thirsty Bamboo Jersey, with a Stay Dry Technical fibre liner on the top, with a pocket behind into which your can even add more boosters if required !  This is an absolute must for overnight dreaminess and teemed with a Fleece Multiwrap should be a winning combo for heavy wetters.