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Newborn Nappy Starter Pack

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Newborn Nappy Starter Pack

Nature Babies newborn starter packs are your perfect introduction to reusable nappies. Each pack contains the basics to get you started using a two part nappy system and makes a  great foundation for a nappy stash for you and your newborn baby. Each pack includes:

1 x Classic Wrap (Available in Orange, Purple, Green or Yellow)

Classic wraps were our first ever design and still are our most popularitem!

  • Designed to "wrap" over a nappy, suitable for all Nature Babies nappies.
  • Velcro or popper fastening
  • Superior quality fabric that is long-lasting, waterproof and yet breathable.
  • They are well elasticated at the waist and legs for a snug, but comfy fit.
  • The leg gussetting provides extra containment.
  • Polyester fabric, laminated with Polyurethane on the inside
  • Wash at 30 to 60C
  • Tumble dryable

3 x Diddy Diapers

Don't be fooled bythe Diddy Diaper's understated appearance and affordable price.. this nappy isa fabulous, reliable nappy which provides a trim fit, large adjustability rangeand excellentabsorbency. Please don't just take our word for it, butclick here to read happy reviews from mums who have alreadybought and used Diddy Diapers.

  • Made with a cotton terry outer, 2 absorbent hidden layers inside and super soft cotton jersey next to baby's skin.
  • It is elasticated at the waist and thigh and fastens with either Velcro or neatly with Nappi Nippasto give good containment and a trim fit.
  • On the Nipper version, the height can be reduced by folding the front over outwards to make a smaller nappy for premature/small babies.
  • Wash at up to 60șC. Suitable for tumble drying.

3x 40cm Terry Towelling Squares

Ourcotton terry towelling nappies are made from white safety towelling with 100%cotton loop (i.e. the loops are cotton and there is a small percentage of otherfibres woven into the "bed" of the terry to avoid it snagging ifusing nappy nippas).

 Our terries are also bound round the edges with supersoft cotton.

·Wash at 40ș, 60șC or 95șC, and tumble dryable on hot.

1 x Vest Extender

Thesepopper on to the bottom of baby vests and extend the length under the crotchapproximately 4 inches (10cm). The 3 poppers are 9mm in diameter and positioned15-20mm apart (there is some sidewards stretch to this product.)

Please note these do not fit Green Babyvests.