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Nature Babies Bamni and Essential Wap Put to the test in this review!

Another positive review from Really Pants, thank you Asta!

Our Nappy Guru Asta reviews the Bambini, a new nappy recently introduced by Nature Babies.  Itís a one-size fitted nappy, made from super absorbent bamboo, comes with a separate bamboo booster and fastens with aplix. She tested the Bambini with a Nature Babies Essentials Wrap in pink camo print, a one-size wrap with leg gussets available with aplix or popper fastening.


The Nature Babies Bambini

Fit: 5/5

Absorbency: 4/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

My first thought when I opened my fluffy mail was how gloriously soft the bamboo was, it never ceases to amaze me how lovely bamboo feels against my skin, you instantly know itís better than man made fabrics.

My second thought was; Ďthis is way too slim, Esmé will out wee this in no time!í

With a fair dose of trepidation I put the Bambini and Nature Babies Wrap on Esmé on a morning we werenít going out!  I was instantly sold on the fit of the nappy, it was snug to her thighs and waist without being tight.  On her third wearing we managed the containment test and all the poo was contained within the nappy without soiling the wrap.

The wrap fit equally as well, the size matched the nappy without adding any extra bulk and wasnít excessively baggy like many wraps can be.  Iím a huge fan of gusseted wraps, although I donít use many fitteds on a daily basis, I do always opt for a gusseted wrap as they are by far the most reliable in my experience.  The disadvantage is that you lose the nice smooth bum look in trousers but the availability of a wide range or prints and solid colours makes up for this when sheís in a skirt!

Iíve already mentioned that the Bambini is extremely slim, I would compare it to a BumGenius v4 for bulk, which puts it a lot slimmer than other fitteds Iíve tried.  Absorbency isnít compromised though, this lasted the distance extremely well and wasnít saturated when I took it off, which is the main thing that puts me off using fitteds.  I would have liked to have a second lay in booster with it but not everyone would need this and theyíre available for only £2.50 if you do.


Esmé sporting her Essentials Wrap!

 The down side to this absorbency is that it takes a long time to dry.  I found the best method was to stretch it out and peg it in place on the line; even then it took several hours on a sunny day to dry completely.  Therefore I would hesitate to recommend it to someone without a tumble drier, unless youíre willing to wash frequently to ensure they dry in time.

There are two reasons Iíve marked this nappy down for ease of use, the first being that a two part system is never going to be as nursery/husband proof as an all-in-one, but I wouldnít hold that against it.  The second is a very petty bug bear of mine; I fasten the right hand tab first which means the overlapping aplix is on the wrong side, not the end of the world Iím sure Iíll get used to it!  However, no stuffing required and itís pretty Ďwriggly babyí proof so it redeems itself.

The Bambini retails at £9.99 and the Essentials wrap at £6.99 itís comparable to other fitted nappies and for a reliable system that will do you from birth to potty, it represents excellent value for money.

Overall the Bambini is an excellent, reliable nappy that Iím sure will quickly become popular with fitted fans and cloth newbies alike.

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