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Essential One Size Wraps

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Essential Onesize Wraps

The Essential wrap is a birth to potty wrap available in poppers or velcro.

It will fit from birth usually to potty training, though some babies may require a large, depending on how soon they potty train.

This wrap will work on a newborn if you are using a fitted nappy beneath it, (which will stay in place) rather than say a pad folded terry, (which may move about) but it will not look as cute or close fitting (keeping nappies in place!) as a small classic wrap.  The idea is that if you are trying to save money then there is no need to buy small then medium wraps; this cover works best from around 12lbs.  If your baby is about to grow out of the size one range (about 15/16 lbs) then definitely go for the Essential wrap, since it would probably be a waste to buy the small size and the essential will bridge the gap before medium, with the use of an extra row  of multisizing poppers and cross over velcro or poppers. However, these do come up quite large, so be warned, they can look big on a baby under say 15lbs..... If you are looking at using wraps for the first time and need something that looks and works straight off the bat from newborn, probably best to buy a small to see how that goes....but as I say, if you are new to cloth, starting from around 10lbs or so and want to save money then go straight for the Essential, but be prepared for a bit of bulk....Hope that all makes sense ! :) 

We are now using our high performance PUL on our wraps.  This is coloured on the inside to reduce staining and can be washed at up to 90degrees.  Our wraps may feel slightly thicker than some lightweight wraps, however these may  de-laminate and become unreliable.  We have decided that performance and durability are our priorities :)