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Bamboo Lined Big Softie

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Bamboo Lined Big SoftieWell we are not sure how to edit this website, but hope you find the Big Softies here if that's what you are looking for !  The Big Softie has been re-worked ...and why you may well ask...? Well we have decided to make the outside now in super stretchy 100% cotton and line the Big Softie with supersoft Bamboo (95% Bamboo and 5% elastaine) .  There is also an additional innercore of microfibre which provides a pocked within a pocket.  The Big Softie comes with two generous pads which are made from two layers of the same stretchy cotton with again a microfibre layer in between.

What is the Big Softie?  It is an absorbant nappy which is multisized to fit from birth (and it will not be too big on a newborn).  You won't need any pads, and then you can add the pads as the baby grows.  We like this one...hope you do too !  Introductory price of just £9.99 and did we say, all the fabric is manufactured here in the UK and is OkeoTex certified :)