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Ma Petite Chou Cloth Menstrual Pads 3 PackHere at Nature Babies we don't like to waste stuff, so these cloth menstrual pads are made in part to use up bits and pieces we have left over from manufacturing our cloth nappies. We have recently started using turquoise bamboo jersey in our Big Softie nappies and so these supersoft menstrual pads now have the turquoise bamboo jersey inside too and thats all good when it comes to washing, rather than white....

Our pads have a pretty outer layer on the outside and these will be in a random flowery pattern.

These can be stored  clipped up and if you soak in COLD WATER before washing, you should not get any staining....the natural bamboo lining does a lot to help with this too, keeping the pads looking fresh.  The bamboo becomes more absorbent with washing and is extremely comfortable next to the skin, also our PUL inner hidden breathable layer is manufactured to our high standards and is free of harmful chemicals in its composition, i.e. no plastic!

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Terry & Fleece Wipes (White)These wipes are made from cotton terry on one side and super soft cream fleece on the other. They measure just under 15 x 20 cm.

Packed per 10, these are another of our best lines.
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Vest Extenders (x3) - WhiteVest extenders, as the name suggests (!) extend the vest length around the nappy area which is a real bonus when using cloth nappies!  Usually these poppers fit most normal vests but any problems with incompatibility just send them straight back to us for a full refund.  These are invaluable accessories for cloth nappies : )  100% cotton. And of course, made by us here in Loughborough :)

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Washable Breast Pads Flat - Pack of 3 PairsOur Washable Breast Pads are extremely soft and gentle as a result of our  supersoft jersey lining against the skin made from 95%  Bamboo.  They have a super thirsty inner absorbant layer and a backing waterproof but breathable layer meaning you wont have to worry about any unforseen leakage. As with all our items here at Nature Babies these are made by us here in Loughborough, Leicestershire and are packaged in a small unbleacched cotton bag also made by us so you can carry then around with you when out and about discretely in your handbag.