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If you like pocket nappies then your certainly going to like our iconic Stuffables !  Manufactured since 2002...( at time of typing that is 17 years ago! !)...these pocket nappies incorporate:
*       a leak busting gussett,
*       multisizing to fit a very large growth range
*       available in poppers or velcro fastening,
*       can be washed at 60
*        made in the UK !!! 
To be fair they are going to be rather too huge to use on a newborn from birth as a pocket, but they can be used from birth if used as a wrap we would suggest, i.e. not suffing the Stuffable, but just laying the pad  or a muslin or anything you have to hand.  Which brings us on to stuffing.  Your Nature |Babies Stuffable will be shipped with two generous Super Boosters to stuff the Stuffable with, but we would advise you that as your baby gets bigger and older you may require more stuffing !.  Here at Nature Babies we strongly believe that nappies should not be leaking all over the place and there is no reason that your Stuffable nappy will leak either, but we do advise that you constantly assess whether you should boost your Stuffable with additional inserts.  Hemp  ones are extremely popular as they are thin and do not add too much bulk but for maximum absorbancy we can't beat the Super Booster ! .  See our boosters section for more info about these :)