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Terry Nappies

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Bamboo Flat 2 pack and boostersWe have been lucky enough to come across the most adorable soft and stretchy bamboo fabric for these hugely usable bamboo flat nappies.  After washing, each bamboo flat will be approx 65 x 65 cm being large enough to cope with bedtime wrapping on large toddlers or pad folded and as each flat is non bulky yet highly absorbent also ideal and non bulky on newborns.  Our pack consists of 2 large  single layer flat nappies and 2  two layer boosters. On larger babies overnight use both flats together and both boosters.  Fabric  of the flat is 100% bamboo and bound in 100% cotton.
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Deluxe Cotton Terry Squares - Pack of 10Due to the current situation, we are only able to offer 50 cms terries at this time....100% cotton, these are an affordable and quick way to build up your nappy stash and you can't have too many nappies !! :)