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3 Layer Terry BoosterBack by popular demand these little shaped boosters are handy for extra boosting.. Not as big as our Super Boosters,  and made from 3 layers of super thirsty 100% cotton. These are predominantely useful for boosting fitted nappies and are not big enough for use really in Stuffables on their own.  Made by us here in Loughborough....of course :)
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Baby Leg WarmersStretchy and soft, these little leg warmers are great for babies still in nappies. Not only do they make nappy changing much easier, they also protect the legs of babies who are crawling! 

Available in a range of colours:
Baby Pink
Bright Pink

9.99 GBP
Bamboo Lined Big SoftieWell we are not sure how to edit this website, but hope you find the Big Softies here if that's what you are looking for !  The Big Softie has been re-worked ...and why you may well ask...? Well we have decided to make the outside now in super stretchy 100% cotton and line the Big Softie with supersoft Bamboo (95% Bamboo and 5% elastaine) .  There is also an additional innercore of microfibre which provides a pocked within a pocket.  The Big Softie comes with two generous pads which are made from two layers of the same stretchy cotton with again a microfibre layer in between.

What is the Big Softie?  It is an absorbant nappy which is multisized to fit from birth (and it will not be too big on a newborn).  You won't need any pads, and then you can add the pads as the baby grows.  We like this one...hope you do too !  Introductory price of just £9.99 and did we say, all the fabric is manufactured here in the UK and is OkeoTex certified :)   

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Deluxe Cotton Terry Squares - Pack of 10Our cotton terry towelling nappies are made from white safety towelling with 100% cotton loop (i.e. the loops are cotton and there is a small percentage of other fibres woven into the "bed" of the terry to avoid it snagging if using nappy nippas). Our terries are also bound round the edges with supersoft cotton.

Three sizes available:

40cm (16") Our smallest terries are suitable for newborns, stuffing pocket nappies in sm or med or as boosters, adding absorbency for older children's nappies.

50cm (20") Our medium terries. These are the size you find on the high street and are the most popular size. Suitable for folding with pins or Nappi Nippas on most babies and smaller toddlers or pad folding in a pocket nappy (med, lge or xl).

60cm (24") Our Large Terries are most suitable for toddlers and again can be used for traditional folding or for pad folding.

Wash at 40, 60C or 95C, and tumble dryable on hot.
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Diddy Diaper

Don't be fooled by the Diddy Diaper's understated appearance and affordable price.. this nappy is a fabulous, reliable nappy which provides a trim fit and excellent absorbency. Please don't just take our word for it, but click here to read happy reviews from mums who have already bought and used Diddy Diapers. Made in Leicestershire by us :)