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Here at Nature Babies we make three basic styles of wraps :  The Classic Wrap, The Essential Wrap and the Multiwrap 

What are the differences between these three types of wrap?  The Classic Wrap is available in 3 sizes and these 3 sizes should cover all bases from birth to potty.  The small and medium in the classic covers both have rows of multisizing poppers on the front which means that you can adjust the height of the wrap up or down for better fit as your baby grows. 

The Essential wrap is a birth to potty wrap which means that it will fit  a growth range approximately the same as the small and medium above, but it will be baggier and not so cute looking on small babies.  It will however work fine, particularly over a fitted nappy from birth.

The Large Classic cover is bigger than the Essential wrap and the Medium classic cover.  

The Multiwrap is a side poppering wrap and is generally higher up in fitting on the sides. The Multiwrap is available in sizes 1, 2 and 3 and is available in PUL and also in Fleece for night-time use.  The fleece multiwrap is very generous in fit and comes up slightly larger in sizing than the PUL multiwrap.