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Why Use Cloth Nappies? Choosing 'em, Using 'em & Washing 'em!

There are several reasons for choosing cloth nappies instead of disposables.

1: Better for baby - Parents are increasingly concerned about the unregulated chemicals used in disposables. Most disposable nappies contain artificial chemical absorbents such as sodium polyacrylate. These chemical granules are used to increase absorbency and form a gel that can end up on your baby as well as in the soil. Independent US research has also shown that the chemicals in non-cloth disposables can trigger asthma like reactions in normal laboratory animals (US Archives of Environemntal Health), October 1999).

2: Better for the environment - Waste - Nearly 3 billion nappies are thrown away in the UK every year and the vast majority of these (90%) end up in landfill. Around 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK! We do not know how long it takes for the plastics in disposable nappies to decompose but it could take hundreds of years. If one parent, changing 4 times a day and once at night for 3 years, stopped using disposable nappies, it would save 5 nappies per day, 35 per week, 1,820 per year, 5,460 in all being put in landfill. No wonder more and more parents are choosing cloth nappies!

3: Better for your pocket - Average spend on disposable nappies £1200. Even after washing powder, electricity, wear & tear on your machine, you will save between £500 & £600!!! (Average age for potty training is 2.5yrs). This does not take into consideration that a lot of children stay in nappies for a lot longer.

But the thing most parents want to know is......

How much work is involved? - Not as much as you might think and Mothers who use washable nappies find it extremely satisfying and (dare I say it) - enjoyable (yes, really!)

We have designed our range of washable nappies and reusable nappies to fit  different shaped babies, different tastes and different budgets - natural fibres through to man-made fibres.

The main priority, for us, in choosing the different designs has been comfort for Baby, as well as of durability and value for money. We have tested our washable nappies &  nappy wrap thoroughly, so we know exactly how they fit, how they wash, how they dry. Do contact us if you have any queries -

We design 3 types of nappies -

1. Fitted nappies - These nappies are used in what is called a "Two Part" system, which that need a waterproof layer (ie a wrap or cover). Easy to wash, dry and wear. The most popular choice.

2. Pocket nappies Nappies with literally contain a 'pocket' which is stuffed with an absorbent inner.The absorbent part is stuffed in to wear and is removed for washing. A very economical system, easy to wash, dry and wear.

3. Terry Nappies - Terry Nappies need to be folded and used with a wrap, also a two part system. Still very popular as they are the most economical choice of washable nappy, however they can be fiddly, especially if you have a wriggly Baby!

Fastenings Nappies come with either Velcro or Applix (which is patented Velcro), poppers, or without any, (for use with pins or Nappi Nippers, generally called a 'Nippa' version).

Materials Available in cotton (terry or jersey), bamboo, hemp, polyester fleece, microfleece. Waterproof fabrics are polyester fleece, PUL (polyurethane).