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Its all go go go here at Nature Babies!

Its all go go go here at Nature Babies!Its 18 years since Jade, our original Nature Baby was born and now she's all grown up and driving around in her £700 Ford Ka and loving it !  So to celebrate Nature Babies coming of age, you will find we have introduced a few new bits n pieces....our PUL lining on our wraps is now brown to avoid staining and  can be washed at up to 90 degrees !!! Yes 90!  Also our Big Softie nappy has a supersoft Bamboo lining in turquoise so its all colours go go go !!  We hope you enjoy using cloth nappies, saving pennies, the environment and all those yucky disposables going into the earth !  Well done you....happy nappying ! :) :) :)
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Nature Babies fitted Diddy Diaper nappy gets excellent reviews!

Nature Babies fitted Diddy Diaper nappy gets excellent reviews!

We are very happy to have received lots of happy reviews from Diddy Diaper users on the ClothNappyTree website, so thought we would share them with you here! The Diddy Diaper is one of our best selling fitted reusable nappies, boasting excellent absorbency, adjustability and a trim fit, even for premature babies.

Bobble Boy's Mum says the following:

Drying Speed:8/10
Slimness:8/10 (used on a baby at the very bottom end of the weight range)
Value for money:10/10

Overall Comment:

Detailed Comments:
I first bought this nappy to try on Findlay when he was 5 weeks old. He is a long but very thin prem baby with a very low weight and so it is difficult to find nappies to fit him. I was not expecting to be impressed by this nappy as it only cost £4.99 but I am happy to admit that I was very wrong.

When folded down the Diddy Diaper was a good fit on him and fitted well around his very thin thighs and wasnít too bulky. I could still fit all his normal clothes over the top of the nappy with no problems. On a Ďnormalí size baby this nappy would be very trim fitting. The nippa fastening gives excellent adjustability to the nappy and the arms are long meaning that I can see it fitting Findlay for a long time making it even better value for money. If you have a very well fitting wrap you don't even need a nippa as the wrap will hold it in place (which is what I succesfully did to start with as I forgot to order nippas when I ordered the nappy, oops)

I was so impatient to use it when it arrived that I used it without prewashing and it still had excellent absorbency. The other day my OH put an unboosted Diddy Diaper on Findlay before bed and whilst it wasdrenchedand very heavy in the morning (after 9 hours) it hadn't leaked through his wool shorties onto the bed. It even contains his explosive EBM poos!! The excellent absorbency also makes it ideal for Daddies who canít figure out boosters as it is absorbent enough on itís own.

The nappy has now been washed and line dried many times and it is still beautifully soft against his skin.
It dries very quickly on the line and I have tumble dried it once due to poor weather and it dried very quickly and fluffed up nicely with no loss of shape. Being made of pure natural cotton it is excellent for sensitive skin like Findlay's.

It may not be the worlds cutest nappy as it is very plain, although I find it quite sweet, but it does what it is designed for and the nappy gets hidden under a wrap anyway!

Out of the fitted nappies I have tried so far this is by far the best fit, the most reliable and the one I always reach for first. The only improvement to it I would make would be a fleece inner (but it's no great hardship to put a fleece liner in) but other than that I cannot think of any way I would want it to be changed.

Eviesmummy also says:

Absorbency: 10/10
Cuteness: 8/10
Drying Speed: 9/10
Slimness: 9/10
Value for money: 10/10

Overall Comment:
Love 'Em!

Detailed Comments:
I bought these as 'extra' nappies, the ones to bulk up my newbon stash and to use when my pretties were all in the wash. When they arrived I thought meh, not that exciting, and popped them right at the very bottom of my nappy pile, with just the one going into my hospital bag as a 'back-up'. Well, my pretties didnt fit my 9lb 6oz daughter :shock:so I had to use the DiddyDiaper and dh brought the rest in for our hospital stay, and well, I changed my opinion completely :)

These have proved really reliable nappies - the adjustability of the waist with the nippa fastening means we get a greqt fit, and we have never had a leak - even with bf poo! The stay dry liner leaves my daughters little bottom nice and dry too :DAbsorbancy wise, these have been grand - ideal for newborns, now at 5+ weeks we use them during the day and they last between feeds which is sufficient. They wouldnt be suitable for overnight use, nor for bigger babies really, but they have suited out needs perfectly :)

These arent fancy nappies, just plain, natural cotton terry, but they look seriously cute when they are on - as a fan of 'fancy' nappies, Im surprised how much I like them :DThe terry cotton gives a pretty slim fitting nappy that dries really quickly - 24 hours on an airer, or fluff them up in the tumble dryer for an hour.

These were my least expensive nappies and definately excellent value, and there is a decent resale value too making them a really good buy. My only gripe is that I didnt buy more as I would have been happy with these as our main newborn/early days nappy.

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Happy MumsNet Users singing the praises of the Nature Babies stuffable

The Nature Babies stuffable nappy has been receiving ecellent reviews from happy Mumset users via Amazon. 

"Really like this nappy, it is so well made and works really well, and a bonus - made in the UK. 
Very easy to use and great value - I'd give it more than 5 stars." Says Arelia. Thank you!

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Nature Babies Bamni and Essential Wap Put to the test in this review!

Another positive review from Really Pants, thank you Asta!

Our Nappy Guru Asta reviews the Bambini, a new nappy recently introduced by Nature Babies.  Itís a one-size fitted nappy, made from super absorbent bamboo, comes with a separate bamboo booster and fastens with aplix. She tested the Bambini with a Nature Babies Essentials Wrap in pink camo print, a one-size wrap with leg gussets available with aplix or popper fastening.


The Nature Babies Bambini

Fit: 5/5

Absorbency: 4/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

My first thought when I opened my fluffy mail was how gloriously soft the bamboo was, it never ceases to amaze me how lovely bamboo feels against my skin, you instantly know itís better than man made fabrics.

My second thought was; Ďthis is way too slim, Esmé will out wee this in no time!í

With a fair dose of trepidation I put the Bambini and Nature Babies Wrap on Esmé on a morning we werenít going out!  I was instantly sold on the fit of the nappy, it was snug to her thighs and waist without being tight.  On her third wearing we managed the containment test and all the poo was contained within the nappy without soiling the wrap.

The wrap fit equally as well, the size matched the nappy without adding any extra bulk and wasnít excessively baggy like many wraps can be.  Iím a huge fan of gusseted wraps, although I donít use many fitteds on a daily basis, I do always opt for a gusseted wrap as they are by far the most reliable in my experience.  The disadvantage is that you lose the nice smooth bum look in trousers but the availability of a wide range or prints and solid colours makes up for this when sheís in a skirt!

Iíve already mentioned that the Bambini is extremely slim, I would compare it to a BumGenius v4 for bulk, which puts it a lot slimmer than other fitteds Iíve tried.  Absorbency isnít compromised though, this lasted the distance extremely well and wasnít saturated when I took it off, which is the main thing that puts me off using fitteds.  I would have liked to have a second lay in booster with it but not everyone would need this and theyíre available for only £2.50 if you do.


Esmé sporting her Essentials Wrap!

 The down side to this absorbency is that it takes a long time to dry.  I found the best method was to stretch it out and peg it in place on the line; even then it took several hours on a sunny day to dry completely.  Therefore I would hesitate to recommend it to someone without a tumble drier, unless youíre willing to wash frequently to ensure they dry in time.

There are two reasons Iíve marked this nappy down for ease of use, the first being that a two part system is never going to be as nursery/husband proof as an all-in-one, but I wouldnít hold that against it.  The second is a very petty bug bear of mine; I fasten the right hand tab first which means the overlapping aplix is on the wrong side, not the end of the world Iím sure Iíll get used to it!  However, no stuffing required and itís pretty Ďwriggly babyí proof so it redeems itself.

The Bambini retails at £9.99 and the Essentials wrap at £6.99 itís comparable to other fitted nappies and for a reliable system that will do you from birth to potty, it represents excellent value for money.

Overall the Bambini is an excellent, reliable nappy that Iím sure will quickly become popular with fitted fans and cloth newbies alike.

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Really Pants Review of the Bamboo Loveable

We've received yet another positive review of our Loveable nappy, courtesy of Really Pants ( Read it below!

Review of the Nature Babies Lovable fitted nappy. The Lovable is made from 2 layers of soft bamboo terry, with an opening to form a pouch at the back. It comes with a 2-layer bamboo booster which can either be lain inside the nappy, or stuffed into the pouch. Read Cathís review of the LovableÖ.

bamboo_lovable1-1Once again, a product that lives up to its title.

Ease of use: 5/5   



Absorbancy: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Fit: 5/5

MP and I had only really tried Bum genius and Minkies pocket nappies and AIO birth to potty so a fitted nappy was a new invention for me!

It was so easy to use as it has long strips of applix on each part of the fold over that make it easier for fitting. And so far they also havenít attracted undesirable additions in the wash cycle so impressed with that.

Fully aware that perhaps one of the most important things about nappies being whether or not they leak, I had thought that would be the job of the wrap and the nappy itself was irrelevant.

I now realise that was wrong.

It felt lovely and soft and has continued to be with the washes. It is a natural colour but it looks like you could give it a cuddle. Obviously it isnít really seen but it still looks nice on baby. It is quite a narrow fitting which was great after being used to a bit more bulk on the bottom. She seemed perfectly comfortable in it, no rubbing around her lovely chubby legs and again, with it not being too bulky it has fitted beautifully under clothes.

It also has a pocket for stuffing and when it comes to absorbancy, that is great. We found that combined with a great wrap, we never have a leak even when left a bit longer than I would normally leave a nappy. And when we have removed the wrap, the outside of the nappy has not been soaking as I have found with some other fitted. Definately a good part for MP who has always been a heavy wetter.

I would fully reccommend them in combination with the essential wrap,  a definate must for the stash. Again, I will be investing in some more.

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The Little Birtain has Landed

The Little Birtain has LandedThe Little Britain Has Landed !!  Watch this space.......
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