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Washable Wipes

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Essential WipeOur brand new range of washable wipes, made with a single layer of our super thick and fluffy terry towelling.

The essential wipe can be washed and reused, saving you money, and saving your babies bottom from harsh chemicals.

What's included in a pack?

- 25 lovely soft wipes

All about washable wipes..

When you add up the costs you begin to realize that disposable wipes really aren't cheap, in fact it is easy to spend £200 - £300 on wipes over the course of infancy. Compare that to a one off purchase using washable wipes and the appeal certainly wanes!

Add to this the fact that disposable wipes are generally full or harsh chemicals and fragrances which can cause irritation to your babies skin, which is much thinner than that of an adult, and the decision to use our lovely soft washable wipes is a no brainer!

How do I use washable wipes?

There a couple of different options when using washable wipes:

  1. Wipes can be stored in a wipe solution ready to use, (you can buy mixed solution, use water, or you can make your own!)

  2. They can be stored dry and dipped in the solution as and when needed, or

  3. You can keep a spray bottle handy and simply squirt when required. Easy-peasy!

Wipes section of the site to view the new range!
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Terry & Fleece Wipes (White)These wipes are made from cotton terry on one side and super soft cream fleece on the other. They measure just under 15 x 20 cm.

Packed per 10, these are another of our best lines.