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The Slimma Stuff

The "Slimma Stuff" is a long, quick drying part bamboo and part microfibre pad which can be folded very flat to reduce bulk when a birth to potty nappy is on the small settings. It's design is one long piece of 2 different fabrics - Microfibre and bamboo. It can be folded into 3 or 4, depending how small you need it to be.

The Slimma Stuff is made from 3 strips of fabric (41 x 13cm). The centre piece is thirsty microfibre and on each end, is a panel of bamboo terry for maximum absorbency and ultimate slimness. As it opens out completely, it's drying time is increased. Can be used as a pocket nappy insert or as a pad in a wrap, on it's own.

Wash @ 40 or 60 degrees C and is tumble dryable on low.