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Nature Babies Stuffables are an iconic pocket nappy, and the only type of pocket nappy manufactured with leg gussets, legitimately in accordance with their European Registered Design.  Available in poppers or velcro fastenings, Stuffables make use of the three rows of multi-sizing poppers on the front, to give an excellent fit across the range of weight from new born to well over 30lbs! . The built in waterproof layer is manufactured using PUL of the  the highest quality and fully tested to all industry standards, meaning this is one of the few pocket nappies which can withstand washing at 60degrees,  whilst the unique gussets at the leg opening make this little player a bomb proof addition to any with care....once one is bought, you may not be able to stop ! :)

Nature Babies Stuffables are of course manufactured from scratch here in Wymeswold and  arrives supplied to you with one large Bamboo insert per Stuffable and a microfibre insert.. However, the whole point of a pocket nappy is that additional stuffing can be added as required and additional boosters inserted to suit your current baby's age and requirements, and then removed for ease of washing, so do please add additional inserts as required...Bamboo ones are super absorbant whilst remaining thin and not too bulky, so these would probably be our first go to addition, but remember, anything works here, even folded up spare old tea towels or 40cm terries.... :)

European Registered Design since 2003