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Nature Babies .....Old nappy sewers just dont grow old gracefully...

Here at Nature Babies we sometimes think we really perhaps should give up making cloth nappies and just get them made overseas like just about every other nappy company....we could have a load more prints I'm sure and a load less hassle...but somehow being "made in China" or wherever, has never quite appealed to us here beavering away in Wymeswold.  Its been 16 years now nearly 17 since we first started Nature Babies and its been a long old round of ups and downs.  Have you ever heard the expression "go big or go home" ?  I used to have a friend who used to say that and in some ways he's right...cos thats where we now operate from mostly..."home" in the garage......thought we do still have some sewing and cutting in a unit in Wymeswold not far from our old one.

Theres quite a few stories to be told actually about Nature Babies along the way and I think I'll save them for another blog post.  I hope I can get to post this one. Sometimes I think I should just stop all this silly cloth nappy sewing malachy....but it just wouldnt be Nature Babies !    More nappy musings to follow....thanks for reading :)

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