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Ma Petite Chou Cloth Menstrual Pads 3 PackMade in part using our waste fabric, these fantastic little pads are supersof to the skin thanks to the Bamboo lining of these cloth pads.  They have a concealed PUL inner layer to avoid leaks completely and have a pretty outer layer on the outside just to look nice.

The pads are shipped in a pack of 3 and they will be 3 assorted prints, as available.  If you don't like them when they arrive, we will be happy to refund you, no problems, but so far, no one has ever requested a refund !

These are just available in one general size and we would say these were useful for medium type day time flow..

These can be stored  clipped up and if you soak in COLD WATER before washing, you should not get any staining....the natural bamboo lining does a lot to help with this too, keeping the pads looking fresh.  The bamboo becomes more absorbent with washing and is extremely comfortable next to the skin, also our PUL inner hidden breathable layer is manufactured to our high standards and is free of harmful chemicals in its composition, i.e. no plastic!

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Terry & Fleece Wipes (White)These wipes are made from cotton terry on one side and super soft cream fleece on the other. They measure just under 15 x 20 cm.

Packed per 10, these are another of our best lines.
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Vest Extenders (x3) - WhitePack of 3 cotton vest extenders, now bound for extra strength and durability, these vests use the  same size poppers as used by most chain stores.

These popper on to the bottom of baby vests and extend the length under the crotch approximately 4 inches (10cm). The 3 poppers are 9mm in diameter and positioned 15-20mm apart (there is some sidewards stretch to this product.)

Please note these do not fit Green Baby vests. 

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Washable Breast Pads Flat - Pack of 3 PairsNature Babies Washable Breast pads are lined with super soft bamboo for a silky natural lining against sore or irritated nipples.

They have an inner absorbent layer of terry cotton and are backed with antibacterial and breathable PUL fabric to avoid any embarrasing leaks, (you know how it is!!).

Say goodbye to scratchy tissues, these breast pads will soon become your breast feeding best friends!

Packs of 3 pairs, in a Jersey bag.