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Terry Nappies

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Bamboo Terries - Pack of 10Bamboo Terry Nappies are proving to be extremely popular and we can see why! Our bamboo is super soft and more absorbant than cotton, however they are slightly more expensive than cotton terries, so why not try both and see which ones you prefer!

Our Bamboo is unbleached, so therefore it has a lovely natural cream colour. Super lovely and very very soft, bamboo is also naturally antibacterial.
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Deluxe Cotton Terry Squares - Pack of 10Our cotton terry towelling nappies are made from white safety towelling with 100% cotton loop (i.e. the loops are cotton and there is a small percentage of other fibres woven into the "bed" of the terry to avoid it snagging if using nappy nippas). Our terries are also bound round the edges with supersoft cotton.

Three sizes available:

40cm (16") Our smallest terries are suitable for newborns, stuffing pocket nappies in sm or med or as boosters, adding absorbency for older children's nappies.

50cm (20") Our medium terries. These are the size you find on the high street and are the most popular size. Suitable for folding with pins or Nappi Nippas on most babies and smaller toddlers or pad folding in a pocket nappy (med, lge or xl).

60cm (24") Our Large Terries are most suitable for toddlers and again can be used for traditional folding or for pad folding.

Wash at 40, 60C or 95C, and tumble dryable on hot.