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Bamboo Lovable

Bamboo Lovable - Size 1 Birth to 18lbs

The Bamboo Lovable is available in two sizes...but we think you would be able to use size two only from about 12 ish lbs by not using the booster and folding the nappy down at the front.  Obviously this would make it a bit more bulky on a smaller baby, but we have designed this nappy to mostly avoid bulkiness so that it dries quickly.  However, if you're wanting a supersoft, supercute, quick (for bamboo) drying nappy thats made in the UK and will look small and ultra trim on your new bundle of joy from the go for the first size and enjoy ;0 )    A classic wrap (which comes with multisizing) will fit over this nappy and guarantee you no spills or leaks and super containment and fit with no bother right from day one :)

The nappy is supplied with a bamboo booster which completely fits into the pocket at the back of the nappy but can be removed for washing (and quick drying). It fastens with velcro and has fold back washing tabs.

Washable at 30-60C and is suitable for tumble drying on a low setting.

Available in 2 sizes -

Size 1 - Birth to 18lbs
Size 2 - 13-35lbs (Size 2 can fold down at the front, to fit birth to potty.)

To buy extra boosters, click the 'Bamboo Boosters' click here.